A few of us are working round the clock to create some awesome digital health research briefs...


Dusan Belic

Based in Belgrade, Serbia – Dusan was previously engaged in the mobile industry, having co-founded a few online media properties. He brings extensive content marketing experience and energy to DHbriefs.

Marc Serafino

Marc is one of those believing that technology could be a force for good. He loves reading and writing about intersection of mobile and healthcare; he says this "magic duo" could change the lives of millions of people all around the world.

Nikola Pejcic

Nikola is a tech wiz who makes the DHbriefs magic happen. Using his skills, we are able to more easily gather, analyze and produce our research briefs. Nikola lives in Paris, France.


Or if you want to contact us the old fashioned way, here are the details:

Dusan Belic
Nebojsina 41
Belgrade, 11000
Phone: +381-64-1345526