Startups and established companies shaping up the digital health market in Europe and elsewhere.

ArcDia / mariPOC
Developer of a rapid infectious disease diagnostics platform for infectious diseases
πŸ“ Turku, Finland
Developer of the technology to make 3D printing of personalized medicines available on-site in pharmacies
πŸ“ Helsinki, Finland
Kaiku Health
Developer of digital health platform for improving the quality of life for cancer patients
πŸ“ Helsinki, Finland
MVision AI
Provider of an AI-enabled cloud-based SaaS solution for radiotherapy treatment planning
πŸ“ Helsinki, Finland
Ōura Health πŸ¦„
The award-winning startup that helps people track all stages of sleep and activity using the Oura Ring and connected app
πŸ“ Oulu, Finland
The company is building an extensive pathogen DNA library in order to prevent antibiotic resistance
πŸ“ Helsinki, Finland
Developer of a non-invasive therapy devices for neurological and psychiatric disorders
πŸ“ Helsinki, Finland
Operator of a 3D design automation platform for manufacturers and distributors of orthotics and prosthetics
πŸ“ Espoo, Finland
Tilt Biotherapeutics
A clinical-stage biotechnology company developing cancer immunotherapies
πŸ“ Helsinki, Finland
Maker of the world's most advanced VR/XR products and services
πŸ“ Helsinki, Finland
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