Startups and established companies shaping up the digital health market in Europe and elsewhere.

Developer of accurate and user friendly wearable medical devices intended to be used by patients at home
πŸ“ London, United Kingdom
AMLo Biosciences
Developer of prognostic tests for cancers with unmet needs
πŸ“ Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Artios Pharma
Developer of cancer treatments that target DNA Damage Response pathways to selectively kill cancer cells
πŸ“ Cambridge, United Kingdom
Aura Fertility
Developer of a platform that helps fertility clinics to deliver pioneering whole-person care for every IVF cycle
πŸ“ London, United Kingdom
Developer of a platform that aims to reinvent the care of the elderly at home
πŸ“ London, United Kingdom
Camena Bioscience
Developer of the enzyme-based DNA synthesis technology, which aims to overcome the limitations of traditional DNA synthesis methods
πŸ“ Cambridge, United Kingdom
Operator of a digital-first home healthcare company that provides care, nursing, telehealth, and prescription services
πŸ“ London, United Kingdom
CMR Surgical πŸ¦„
Developer of robotic systems for minimal access or "keyhole" surgery
πŸ“ Cambridge, United Kingdom
Dark Blue Therapeutics
Developer of next generation of precision medicines to deliver a portfolio of transformative cancer therapies
πŸ“ Oxford, United Kingdom
Developer of a blockchain technology designed for value-based healthcare
πŸ“ London, United Kingdom
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