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Altoida has developed an iOS- and Android-based AR technology, which tests the functional and cognitive aptitude of a patient, via a self-learning (ML) algorithm. Taking less than 10 minutes to complete, the assessment test is done on an iPad or Tablet and can be conducted in the comfort of the user's home or at the doctor's office. All data is automatically transmitted to the practitioner to aid with diagnosis. Specifically, Altoida has developed gamified testing for three major cognitive areas: spatial memory, prospective memory and executive functions. The technology can tell years in advance if the user has the risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia. The tests, covered by Medicare in the USA, can be a life-changer for patients, caregivers and their families — helping them make more informed decisions.
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Total $8.2M
Select investors Merck Ventures, Fyrfly Venture Partners, Alpana Ventures, Polytech Ventures, Grey Sky Venture Partners
Last update: May 9, 2020