Primary contact is an AR provider for all lab, line and suite environments — with extensive specialization in pharma and biotech industries. The company developed and globally deployed the first conversational, industry-compliant AR and AI platform. Apprentice is the premier solution for batch records, tech transfer and R&D workflows as well as training procedures, troubleshooting and support. It is on a mission to develop solutions to empower scientists, engineers and manufacturers who operate in various complex, compliance-driven environments, ushering in the next wave of human potential. These solutions help Apprentice's clients communicate, identify and solve problems using remote telepresence, while enabling real-time data validation & alerting, as well as the ability to record everything with accessible information and traceable workflow.
Primary contact

Funding 💰

Total $10.5M
Select investors Pritzker Group, Silverton Partners, Y Combinator, Hemi Ventures, The Venture Reality Fund, GFR Fund
Last update: May 9, 2020