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Today, 5 out of every 8 referrals don't belong in the specialist's waiting room, and more than $10 billion is spent on unnecessary specialty referrals every year. AristaMD is looking to tackle that problem with its Smart Care Platform that helps coordinate better care between PCP's and specialists. Said platform includes a few parts:
  • REFERRAL-IQ - which includes proven clinical guidelines that prompt useful treatment options and lead to correct referral decisions.
  • CONSULT-IQ - offering fast eConsults that connect physicians to specialists with the goal to inform correct referral decisions or alternative treatment options.
  • OPERATIONAL-IQ - featuring analytics and insights to understand and improve referral practices for mitigated risk, reduced costs, and greater quality of care.
The AristaMD Smart Care Platform provides long term and immediate results, reducing referral costs and improving patient care. The company even promises "significant results within 90 days of implementation."
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Total $12.9M
Select investors Avalon Ventures, Correlation Ventures
Last update: March 27, 2018