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Augmedics is developing cutting-edge, AR-based technologies that will revolutionize surgical treatment. The company's flagship product, called xvision, is an AR Head-Mounted Display for spine surgery that allows surgeons to see the patient's anatomy through skin and tissue, as if they had "X-Ray Vision." It combines proprietary tracking algorithms, hardware, software, an image data merging unit, and specialized instruments to safely guide the surgeon through the operating site during major and minor surgical procedures. The xvision system can project the patient's anatomy, in real time, directly onto the surgeon's retina, with surgical precision and outstanding depth perception. It is touted to increase safety in surgery, reduce x-ray radiation, and facilitate minimally invasive procedures. The system also provide surgeons with vital real-time information, suggestions and alerts in an intuitive manner and with no external distraction.
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Total $10.1M
Select investors AO Invest, Terra Venture Partners, MedTech Innovator
Last update: January 30, 2020