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bttn. is on a mission to revolutionize medical supply by bringing technology, web-based application ordering and big data insights to the archaic order processes that healthcare providers are forced to use by legacy GPO's and Medical Distribution incumbents. In addition, the company's model eliminates the need for exclusive and restrictive contracts, in order to truly democratize access to these critical products for essential service providers. bttn. can save healthcare providers 20-40% on their medical supply bills, and dramatically improves shipping and delivery speeds.
Select clients: Washington State Community Health Association, Homecare & Hospice Association of Utah.
Employees 10+
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Total $6.5M
Last round πŸ”— $5M
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August 19, 2021.
Select investors FUSE, Amol Deshpande

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Highlights ⭐

  • bttn. offers an easy-to-grasp and useful service that saves time and money on healthcare supply procurement.
  • The current medical supply industry is like the housing market prior to Zillow - opaque, analog, and slow moving. bttn. provides a service that is the complete opposite, a B2B wholesale purchasing experience that is crystal clear and customer-centric - Brendan Wales, General Partner at FUSE πŸ”—
  • In its first 90 days of operation, bttn. has secured more than 300 customers nationwide with over half a million dollars in sales. πŸ”—
  • The company has more than 400 customers, multiple government contracts, and participation from some of the nation's largest healthcare systems. πŸ”—
Last update: August 24, 2021