Dash MD

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DashMD enables patients to take charge of their aftercare, but the service is also useful for hospitals and healthcare providers. How DashMD works for patients? DashMD provides patients with:
  • An aftercare card before they leave their care provider.
  • A free mobile app that lets them select the aftercare plan checked off on their aftercare card. Also, the app lets users manage medications and appointments.
  • Access care provider specific aftercare information and tools, and find follow-up care, services, and products.
How DashMD works for hospitals? DashMD helps hospitals:
  • Create custom aftercare content or digitize their paper resources.
  • Help with development of relevant aftercare plans on the Dash MD aftercare card for patients.
  • Improve the quality of care for patients and patient oriented outcomes.
In a nutshell, Dash MD helps hospitals digitize the discharge process, and improve the ability of their patients to take care of themselves. How DashMD works for healthcare providers? By working with Dash MD, healthcare providers are able to reach more patients. Dash MD will place the provider information in relevant areas of its app so patients know where to get the care they need. The company targets patients with specific care needs as they recover. On the other hand, it sends reports to providers to let them know how (and how many) patients are discovering provider services through Dash MD.
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Last update: March 30, 2018