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Embodied Labs has developed a VR-enabled immersive learning system that gives professional and family caregivers insights to improve the way they view — and provide care for — residents, patients, and clients. The company uses an innovative combination of filmmaking, software development, educational design, and interactive media to create engaging experiences that help the hospital staff develop empathy with first-person perspectives. Some of these experiences include: The Clay Lab This experience is all about end of life conversations in which the learner will embody Clay Crowder, a 66-year old veteran with stage IV, incurable lung cancer. It is designed to help users experience what it is like to receive "bad news" from a doctor, and discuss their options. It includes conversations with family and members of the healthcare team about transitioning to hospice care, as well as assistance from the hospice care team in understanding the symptoms and conflicts that may occur within the family. Also, the app lets users see the physical changes inside the body as it nears the end of life. The Beatriz Lab The app that depicts the loss of cognitive functions in which the learner will embody Beatriz, a middle-aged Latina woman, as she progresses through early, middle, and late stage Alzheimer's Disease (AD). It is designed to help users recognize that AD affects more parts of the brain than just those involved with memory. The Beatriz Lab also helps users identify ways that their role in communication and teamwork between the patient, their families, healthcare personnel and systems contribute to the quality of life of a person with AD. The Alfred Lab In The Alfred Lab, the learner will embody Alfred, a 74-year old African-American man with macular degeneration and high frequency hearing loss, as he spends time with family, visits the doctor, and receives a diagnosis. The related app, called "At the Peripheral," lets users follow six people living with macular degeneration to help them better understand patients and/or elder family members. Embodied Labs' clients include long-term care facilities and other senior services organizations, hospital systems and health sciences programs.
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Total $3.2M
Select investors Creative Startups, The Venture Reality Fund, Ziegler Link·Age Fund, SustainVC
Last update: May 9, 2020