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Ezra is a direct-to-consumer healthcare technology company utilizing medical imaging (MRI) and AI to provide individuals with full-body cancer screening that is fast, accurate, and affordable. Whereas a traditional cancer body scan can cost up to $10,000 and require a patient to lie in the claustrophobic MRI tube for more than three hours, Ezra's full scan sells for $1,950 and takes about an hour. The entire process, outside of the MRI, happens on Ezra's app that allows users to order tests, schedule visits, receive results, and consult doctors. By advocating for early cancer detection as part of annual health screenings, the company aims to create a new standard of preventative care, providing people with the necessary knowledge to make decisions about their health. Ezra's cancer screening services are available in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
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Total $22M
Select investors FirstMark, LDV Capital, Credo Ventures, Accomplice, Founders Future
Last update: May 20, 2021