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Gauss Surgical is developing novel FDA-grade mobile applications for patient monitoring, with focus on computer vision and machine learning applications. The company's flagship product, Triton, is the world's first real-time monitor for surgical blood loss that helps optimize transfusion decisions, recognize hemorrhage status and improve patient outcomes. Products Triton real time blood loss monitor Triton provides a comprehensive blood loss monitoring solution for obstetrics department, assisting early recognition of postpartum hemorrhage and supporting clinical decision-making related to transfusion appropriateness. Triton OR Blood loss monitor for the operating room that can capture blood loss collected by surgical sponges and suction canisters while integrating into OR workflow. Triton L&D Blood loss monitor for vaginal delivery and postpartum care, Triton L&D helps streamline QBL by providing a simplified user experience. It can automatically calculate blood loss of weighted items, with support for batch weighing and integration of v-drape volume.
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Total $31.5M
Select investors Providence Ventures, Jump Capital, Promus Ventures, Summation Health Ventures, LifeForce Ventures, StartX
Last update: April 21, 2018