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Guardant Health is a pioneer in non-invasive cancer diagnostics and the first company to commercialize a comprehensive genomic liquid biopsy. It has developed the proprietary digital sequencing technology that is transforming cancer treatment by providing an accurate and precise picture of the individual genomic alterations that cause tumors to grow, change, and develop resistance to treatment. The company's Guardant360 offering takes a simple blood draw to test for 73 cancer genes and deliver ultra-high-fidelity results. It lets physicians and researchers submit two tubes of blood to let Guardant's proprietary digital sequencing method enhance sensitivity and specificity. From there, the technology is looking for actionable somatic alterations across all solid tumor sites, and doctors get clear and accurate results within two weeks. If needed, Guardant Access can manage billing and provide financial support. Guardant360 is used by most leading cancer centers and more than 1,000 clinics.
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Total $550M
Select investors Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, OrbiMed, 8VC, Pear Ventures, Formation 8, SGH Capital, Signatures Capital
Last update: April 4, 2018