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Health Gorilla connects doctors, vendors, and consumers within a single, secure platform — creating a closed loop of communications to improve the quality of health care once and for all. The company is changing the way doctors and patients interact and gain access to information, cutting out all the red tape, bottlenecks, and gaps that plague the current system. The results, according to Health Gorilla, are better care from its providers, and better health for its consumers. For Patients In less than ten minutes, patients can claim a lifetime of medical records to get a complete picture of their health history that can be easily and securely shared with any doctor, specialist, lab, or caregiver who needs it. With better communication across the entire circle of care, and access to all medical information along with test results, appointment reminders, and more, patients are placed in the driver's seat to better manage not only their current health but their future well-being as well. For Doctors Health Gorilla offers a range of tools for doctors to improve and streamline the process of caring for patients from the moment they walk in the door. Imagine a real solution to the EHR problem, with a complete set of medical records at the point of care. Electronic ordering for labs, referrals, and test results. Seamless coordination across the care circle, along with an improved engagement with patients — so they can be healthier than ever before. Health Gorilla makes sure its practices run faster and more efficiently while delivering a higher quality of care. For Vendors Health Gorilla is a secure, automated, and simple way for vendors to connect with the thousands of physicians nationwide who need to place orders and make referrals for their patients, while simplifying workflow and reducing waste. The Health Gorilla network includes over 9,000 diagnostic labs and 35,000 radiology centers, along with physical therapy, sleep, and surgical centers, skilled nursing and long-term care facilities, and more.
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Total $4.4M
Select investors Data Collective, True Ventures, Venture Investment Associates, Orfin Ventures, VIA equity
Last update: March 31, 2018