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Launching in 2022, HeyRenee is developing a patient-centric digital health platform designed to make better healthcare a reality for all Americans, especially the elderly, underserved, and those managing chronic conditions. Unlike previous approaches to synchronize patient care, HeyRenee dubs itself to be the first-ever open platform that will eventually work with every provider, partner, and point solution to curate the perfect combination of services for each patient's specific needs. Specifically, the platform aims to connect patients with their entire healthcare team and relieve the burdens of appointment scheduling, in-home visits, prescription medication administration to telehealth and remote patient monitoring, and more.
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Funding πŸ’°

Total $3.8M
Last round πŸ”— August 5, 2021.
Select investors Quiet Capital, SaaS Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Tau Ventures, Mucker Capital, Fika Ventures

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Highlights ⭐

  • HeyRenee aims to solve the real problem by bridging the digital divide to help those who need it most.
  • Experienced founders whose previous company is the tech-enabled doctor house call service Heal.
  • HeyRenee has already managed to get some serious investors on board.
Last update: September 6, 2021