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Holodia is on a mission to reinvent cardio fitness through its VR Fitness platform HOLOFIT with immersive and gamified training experiences. It does that by bringing new life to boring cardio machines by immersing users into VR environments based on real or imaginary locations. HOLOFIT includes entertainment, competition and motivation to users'​ cardio fitness while opening up new revenue streams for gym operators. Specifically, it offers users the opportunity to row, bike or run through places like Ancient Babylon, Antarctica or Saturn on their own or compete against others, track their progress and advance their fitness to a healthier lifestyle. The solution is compatible with major fitness brands' cardio machines — including bicycles, rowing machines and ellipticals — offering premium virtual content, virtual coaching, and online or local competitions. It also includes a companion mobile app with advanced tracking, comparison, competition and connectivity features that connects members inside and outside of your gym.
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Total €850K
Last update: February 21, 2020