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Formerly MEDgle, Lumiata has developed an AI-powered Data-as-a-Service offering that delivers precise, actionable lists for care management, risk management, utilization management and quality management. Using Big Data and advanced algorithms, the company's Lumiata Matrix Suite product can help health plans and ACOs calculate the likely progression of chronic disease per individual over time. It consists of the following parts:
  • Care Matrix - which is made to improve population health management with more timely, accurate, and transparent chase lists that predict individual chronic disease progression.
  • Risk Matrix - that provides precise RAF scores and realizes earned reimbursements based on lists that pinpoint the best opportunities to ensure complete, accurate HCC coding.
  • Utilization Matrix - which helps Lumiata's clients understand the future costs of their population for improved actuarial analysis, and product development and marketing.
Combined, these parts aim to drive workflow automation, reduce revenue leakage, and improve time-to-intervention metrics. As an output of its deep learning models, the Clinical Rationale provides the proof behind every prediction based on data across each member's record. By linking the data to most recent, best-practice PubMed publications, Lumiata delivers the medical transparency needed to drive provider engagement.
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Funding 💰

Total $20M
Select investors Intel Capital, Khosla Ventures, BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, Sandbox Industries, Total Access Fund, Castor Ventures
Last update: April 1, 2018