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Luminopia is a digital therapeutics company that brings together the very best of Healthcare, Entertainment, and Technology to improve lives. The company has developed a solution that uses virtual reality to train the amblyopic (lazy) eye to see by rebalancing the visual input to both eyes. Built on years of cutting-edge science, it works by presenting TV and movie content differently to each eye within a kid-friendly VR headset. Thanks to neural plasticity, this rebalancing approach strengthens visual processing, encourages the use of the weaker eye, and brings both eyes back to parity. The solution has so far shown unparalleled clinical results and is now undergoing a pivotal trial at 20 of the nation's top hospitals — including Boston Children's, CHOP, Cleveland Clinic, and UCLA. Luminopia is also closely partnered with entertainment leaders, such as NBC Universal, Sesame Workshop, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, Dreamworks, and more.
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Select investors Harvard Innovation Lab, MassChallenge, NXT Ventures, Neoteny
Last update: February 10, 2020