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Medable Insight is a blockchain-based platform that allows for medical data exchange among patients, medical researchers, and biopharmaceutical companies. It leverages decentralized computing technologies to align incentives among all stakeholders and enables auditable, transparent, and self-directed data sharing of so called "digitome" data. As researchers use the platform, they are able to contribute data to the digitome in exchange for funding and other research resources. Access to the dataset can then be requested by third parties via smart contracts, which utilize self-sovereign digital participant identities to give individuals the power to consent and be rewarded for sharing the requested research data and/or consideration of a related clinical trial.
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Total $217M
Select investors Sapphire Ventures, GSR Ventures, Streamlined Ventures, Obvious Ventures, HealthX Ventures, TMCx, Launchpad Digital Health, Exxclaim Capital
Last update: April 16, 2021