medCPU Parent: UPMC

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medCPU provides clinical staff with high-accuracy support systems that help them deliver their expertise in the safest way. The company's advanced technologies and services provide better point-of-care delivery for hospitals, resulting in healthier, happier patients. medCPU's Reader Technology acquires any data that clinical staff enters into any EMR in real-time. Context Engine takes it from there by understanding the clinical content in patient records, facilitating the creation of a comprehensive clinical picture of each patient. Finally, the medCPU Advisor compiles data from free text and structured fields within an organization, and creates a comprehensive, normalized patient database ready for accurate BI, research, and real-time processing. The medCPU Advisor runs in the background, working without EMR integration or complex data connectivity, allowing for comprehensive data integration with minimal effort. It monitors everything from behind the curtains, and its recommendations appear only when necessary.
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Total $53.9M
Select investors Easton Capital, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, UPMC, Silicon Valley Bank, NRV
Last update: April 17, 2018