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Medisas is a cloud-based service provider that aims to help hospitals improve patient care. Its tools — available on desktop, tablet and mobile — assist doctors, nurses and other medical providers in key hospital workflows such as handoff, rounding and discharge. Medisas is easily integrated with existing EMR solutions and is fast to deploy. The Medisas Clinical Collaboration Suite consists of three products CORE Medisas calls it the "evolved patient list," which serves as a central dashboard of each patient's evolving story and plan in real time: accurate, up-to-date, and integrated with the EMR. CORE eliminates the distractions and clutter, putting "everything in one place." The CORE features include:
  • Shared task list for virtual huddles
  • Checklists to standardize care
  • Ability for the team members to always know what's changing, like latest lab results and alerts.
CHAT Enabling communication with clinical context, CHAT's features include:
  • Mobile-enabled with a shared clinical context to make discussing patients easier than ever.
  • Immediate and secure communication with the whole care team, a custom group, or one-on-one.
  • More informed conversations with quick access to the latest vitals or medication list during the discussion.
  • HIPAA-compliant, enterprise-grade security.
INTELLIGENCE The solution is made to help the medical stuff in following ways:
  • Gain insight into when things get done, not just when they're documented in the medical record. Measure the impact of any changes.
  • Get immediate data on how multidisciplinary rounding impacts rounding and discharge times, how changes in post-discharge follow-up calls affect readmissions, and how the new sepsis protocol changes clinical outcomes.
  • Gain visibility into how different teams are delivering care for your most at-risk patients. Quickly identify the bottlenecks and variabilities for key clinical workflows.
  • Quantify the quality of care teams deliver to identify improvement opportunities, install accountability, and implement best practices.
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Select investors Khosla Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, Y Combinator
Last update: March 30, 2018