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MyndYou has developed a data-driven platform that provides tools for maintaining cognitive abilities. Its technology is based on a passive monitoring approach, novel cognitive assessment method, and AI-generated, actionable insights. The company's main focus is the usage of our platform for the benefit of more than 150 million older adults living with cognitive impairment, such as in Alzheimer's and other types of Dementia, so that they can maintain their cognitive abilities and independence for as long as possible while keeping safe. MyndYou's flagship offering, called MyEleanor, is a voice bot that engages with seniors, speaking with them on the phone. Using AI, MyEleanor assesses brain activity and provides care teams with health-related insights.
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Total $4M
Select investors AI Life Sciences Investments, Amplifyher Ventures, Daybreak Investments, Musketeer Capital, Howard Morgan
Last update: August 19, 2020