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Nanox has developed a digital X-ray source, called Nanox Arc, enabling a cost reduction of imaging systems by orders of magnitude. Cleared by the FDA, the solution has been over 8 years of development with the goal to drive early detection preventive healthcare as a new standard of care. The Nanox Arc uses a cold cathode, which is not electrically heated by a filament and is rather extracting electrons from the metal by an external electric field. This technology aims to become a novel digital standard of X-ray imaging and is the core of Nanox's intellectual property, patents, technology know-how, and capability. In that sense, Nanox is now planning mass deployment of imaging systems and is looking for partners across the globe to produce as many Arcs as possible.
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Total $137M
Select investors Foxconn Technology Group, Fujifilm, SK Telecom, Yozma Group
Last update: August 11, 2021