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OM1 is focused on transforming healthcare by reimagining how it is measured and delivered. The company has developed an intelligent data cloud platform that uses machine learning algorithms to enable different healthcare stakeholders to cost-effectively access, analyze, and use outcomes data in a more robust, clinically meaningful, and precise way. The system relies on billions of clinical and other kinds of data points to empower providers, researchers, and other stakeholders to:
  • Quickly, accurately, and more cost-effectively get to research grade information on effectiveness, value and safety
  • Measure and predict more precise care
  • Quantify outcomes and demonstrate value in risk-sharing and outcomes-based payment models
Using OM1, researchers can supercharge their real-world evidence, demonstrate value, and strengthen market performance. Providers on their end can use the solution to lower costs, maximize reimbursements, and prove outcomes — all while delivering the best possible care. OM1 helps them understand, for example, how a patient with a particular condition may recover after surgery or react to a certain kind of treatment. Finally, payers get to better understand populations and risks, collaborate with providers, and create accountability based on outcomes.
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Total $15M
Select investors 7wire Ventures, General Catalyst, Wanxiang Healthcare Investments
Last update: March 26, 2018