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Patientory is working on a HIPAA-compliant blockchain powered health information exchange (HIE) that will enable EMR interoperability and enhanced cyber-security protocols. The system has its own cryptocurrency, called PTOY, that gives users access to the platform to store and secure health information. Patientory envisions the patient becoming the primary intermediary in sending and receiving health information negating the need for frequent updates and troubleshooting of any software. In other words, the patient can grant access to his/her data to healthcare institutions is then able to add new records such as ER visits, medical images, and more. Patients With Patientory, patients get instant access to their health information, allowing them to reach out to the community and learn more about their condition. Also, they can connect with their care team at any time. Providers Providers get instant access to medical information history including complete notes from other provider organizations. They can interact with patients and manage their practice more efficiently. Healthcare organization For healthcare organizations, Patientory saves money on data breaches. They can also use the solution to provide coordinated care and reduce readmission penalties as well IT expenses.
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Total $7.2M
Select investors StartUp Health, MedTech Innovator, Boomtown Accelerator
Last update: November 6, 2018