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A Cleveland Clinic spinoff, Prevent Biometrics, has developed what it says is the first and only concussion impact monitoring technology, called BioDrive, which accurately detects potential concussion-causing impacts in real time. Prevent's Head Impact Monitors are designed to monitor for head impacts in real time with high degree of accuracy (+/- 5%). They can correlate impacts with concussion events and set impact thresholds; for instance, the team personal can compare each impact to a pre-set Max G head impact threshold, and get real-time alerts to identify athletes in need of assessment. The system records impact force, location, and direction for use by team personnel. The device is primarily made for sports teams, but has also found its way to the military use, with the Department of Defense granting the company $4.5 million for the development of a military head-impact monitoring system that can also collect data from military academy athletes and combatants.
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Total $6.3M
Select investors Murata Manufacturing, Cleveland Clinic Innovations
Last update: April 30, 2018