Proteus Digital Health Parent: Otsuka Pharmaceutical

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Proteus Digital Health is enabling a new category of therapy called Digital Medicines, which unlock never-before-seen insight into patient health patterns and medication treatment effectiveness, leading to more informed healthcare decisions for everyone involved. The company's flagship offering, Proteus Discover, is comprised of ingestible sensors (the pill), a small wearable sensor patch (the patch), a mobile app (Discover app) and a provider portal. The Pill The ingestible sensor is the result of innovative manufacturing processes that combine high-volume semiconductor and pharmaceutical technology. It's made of elements found in a typical diet and has been approved for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and CE marked in Europe. The Patch Developed by a team of patient-centered designers and engineers, the patch is an FDA-approved sensor that tracks medication taking, steps, activity, rest and heart rate. The patch was designed for comfort and ease of use, and is refined by years of user research. The Discover App The Discover App is designed to help patients keep track of their medications, steps, activity, rest, heart rate, blood pressure and weight. Patients can also set multiple medication-taking schedules and receive notifications. The Discover Portal The Discover Portal allows physicians to quickly drill down into specific patient data points and allocate care team resources to those patients who need it most. The information in the portal provides insight that helps healthcare professionals determine the best treatment, using an easy-to-read printed report. These reports may also be used in conversations with the patient to enable shared decision-making and improve physician-patient relationships. Proteus Digital Health has more than 440 issued patents that protect this enabling technology, and regulatory clearances in the U.S., European Union and China.
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Total $422.3M
Select investors Novartis, Medtronic, Oracle, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Otsuka Holdings, The Carlyle Group, Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, Harbin Gloria Pharmaceuticals, ON Semiconductor
Last update: August 21, 2020