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rewellio provides an app/service for hand rehabilitation for stroke patients that relocates the therapy setting from the real world to the virtual world. The solution works with consumer VR devices and can additionally be paired with EMG biofeedback armbands to advance users' rehabilitation efforts. Also, it is made to assist both the therapist and the patient to achieve more and better therapy time; while enabling a faster, more efficient and enjoyable recovery experience. rewellio lets the patient and his/her caretakers initiate rehab sessions at home or anywhere else at any time, with no dependency on visiting rehab facilities. Once started, the software will capture the patient's current state and progress made to generate optimized therapy recommendations aiming to support the best possible recovery journey. To make for a smoother experience, rewellio provides therapy sessions that are built on VR-based playful game concepts to entertain and motivate the patient during rigorous exercise units. rewellio has successfully completed the CE registration as a class 1 medical device in Europe and the FDA registration in the United States. Currently, it is making its beta products available to selected therapists and patients.
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Total €800K
Select investors APEX Ventures, Tech2b Incubator
Last update: April 4, 2022