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Saebo is the company behind what it says is the world's only virtual rehabilitation system exclusively focusing on activities of daily living. The platform was specifically designed to engage clients in both physical and cognitive challenges involving daily functional activities — which can be customized to challenge endurance, speed, range of motion, coordination, timing, and cognitive demand. For instance, SaeboVR will prompt users to incorporate their impaired upper limb and perform simulated self-care tasks that involve picking up, transferring, and manipulating virtual objects. In addition, it uses a virtual assistant that appears on the screen to educate and facilitate performance by providing real-time feedback. On the other end, the solution includes a clinical provider dashboard to view client performance and participation trends. The company's related offering, SaeboGlove, can engage and position the hand so it can be incorporated in virtual grasp-and-release activities.
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Last update: May 29, 2019