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SimforHealth offers an immersive, interactive and collaborative approach to the training of health professionals, in line with the ethical concept "never the first time with the patient." The company's MedicActiV platform helps patient management via virtual consultations relying on different methods and technologies including 3D real-time simulators, serious games, virtual reality, mixed or augmented reality. As such, it enables third parties to consult, create and disseminate virtual clinical cases. SimforHealth also provides a totally customized development of clinical cases, including — on request — specific technologies and methods such as medical imaging, video, and 3D modeling. The process includes incorporating parameters such as patient profile, in-depth clinical investigations, viewing of test results, varied environments, medical records, realistic dialogues etc. — resulting in a high quality immersive and interactive solution. SimforHealth has developed solutions that have already enabled the training of more than 50,000 health professionals across the world.
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Total €5M
Select investors Audacia, Bpifrance
Last update: June 6, 2022