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Snark Health is a blockchain-based platform that connects patients, doctors, insurers and donors for healthcare services. Built around the doctor-patient relationship, it's meant to help patients get the right care, at the right place, at the right time. Through virtual healthcare services and high quality preferred clinics and hospitals, Snark Health is able to improve the quality of care, lower costs, and improve the patient, doctor and nurse experience. Snark's Hippocratic Coin alternative payment model helps members to earn money through the shared savings program, dividends and monetizing their data (if they opt in). The company was founded by Henry "Hank" Selke, a board-certified internal medicine and infectious disease physician; and Edwin Openda, a telecommunications engineer. During the coronavirus pandemic, Snark Health worked on a solution to rapidly share information related to COVID-19.
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Last update: April 12, 2020