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Touted as a HIPAA-secure Slack, Stitch is a platform for healthcare team communication that can integrate with existing electronic health records (EHRs) and popular file sharing services like Dropbox and Gdocs. Unlike Slack, however, Stitch is not organized around channels, but patient IDs. The company aims to replace the fragmented use of pagers, phone calls, EHR message baskets, and emails with a single product. That product comes in the form of a user-friendly application that models medical provider workflow and presents patient health data in the context of group chats, direct messaging, private groups, and persistent chat rooms. Stich is free for an unlimited number of users and an unlimited amount of time, with upgradeable per user/per month plans for extended file storage, customer service and custom data access. There are three kinds of premium plans: 1. Stitch Connect Made for team messaging, Stitch Connect offers healthcare teams a HIPAA-compliant, team communication experience across all devices. The service complements a great user experience with advanced security architecture to bring the latest in communication technology to the healthcare world. Stitch uses AWS to provide necessary physical safeguards and Aptible to provide technical safeguards, then carefully layer in administrative controls for complete HIPAA compliance. 2. Stitch Engage Stitch Engage offers healthcare teams a HIPAA-compliant, patient communication experience. The secure interface creates a single place for managing all patient communications. Safely share data of any kind — including diagnoses, prescriptions, lab results and more — all accessible from any device. Patients enjoy an intuitive and reliable cross-platform experience as well, so you can focus on what matters most: patient care. Speaking of which, Experience Engage can also serve as a complete telemedicine platform for delivering care to the patients. 3. Stitch Manage Stitch Manage offers healthcare teams a HIPAA-compliant, patient collaboration experience that transforms care coordination. Stitch Manage includes everything you need to stay on track and up to date with patients under care. Referral and lab uploads, patient checklists, and team task items allow your team to powerfully manage patients through patient-centric collaboration spaces. The solutions lets providers create a dedicated collaboration space for every patient to better coordinate care.
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Total $3.3M
Select investors Y Combinator, Benchmark
Last update: April 2, 2018