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Dubbed the "Fitness for Your Inner Self," TRIPP is a digital wellness company developing transformative, immersive experiences that support mental wellness, focus and productivity. Its first product is a wellness service that combines VR with machine learning to adapt and change the TRIPP experience with each session — providing an experience that adapts to each user with consistent usage. Said TRIPP experiences leverage a large body of existing research on the use of technology in the mental wellness arena and utilize proven mindfulness structures, targeted sound frequencies, visuals and interactions that have a multiplicative effect when administered through immersion. The TRIPP System is currently available as an Employee Wellness offering in the workplace supporting some of the world's biggest companies who care about the wellbeing of their workforce. TRIPP is also broadly available to researchers in the medical industry and academia looking for non-chemical digital alternatives to manage mental health issues.
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Funding 💰

Total $4M
Select investors Mayfield Fund, Presence Capital, Keanu Reeves
Last update: February 11, 2020