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Dubbed "OnStar for People," UnaliWear provides discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and a guard against wandering in a classically-styled watch that features an easy-to-use speech interface rather than buttons. Unlike traditional medical alert products, UnaliWear works wherever its customers are, 24x7 — and unlike Apple Watch or Samsung Gear, it doesn't require a smartphone, because it's built-in. The company's Kanega watch combines cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth (for hearing aids and telemedicine devices), an accelerometer for automatic fall detection, and continuous speech with artificial intelligence in the cloud that learns the wearer's lifestyle to provide predictive, preemptive support.
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Total $7.1M
Select investors Maxim Ventures, Social Starts, StartUp Health, Keiretsu Capital, True Wealth Ventures
Last update: October 9, 2020