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Formerly Google Life Sciences, Verily is Alphabet's research organization devoted to the study of life sciences. The company was formerly a division of Google X, until August 2015 when Sergey Brin announced that it would become an independent subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. This restructuring process was completed on October 2, 2015 and on December 7, 2015, Google Life Sciences was renamed Verily. Verily is engaged in a number of projects, including:
  • Contact lenses that allow people with diabetes to continually check their glucose levels using a non-intrusive method.
  • A spoon for people with tremors.
  • The Baseline Study, a project to collect genetic, molecular, and wearable device information from enough people to create a picture of what a healthy human should be.
  • A health-tracking wristband.
  • A disease-detecting nanoparticle platform working with the wristband, a project called Tricorder.
  • Advancements in surgical robotics, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson.
  • Development and commercialization of bioelectronic medicines, in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline.
  • Development of miniaturized continuous glucose monitors (CGM) in partnership with Dexcom.
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Last update: January 23, 2018