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Founded in 2015, VirZOOM is the company behind the VZfit VR Fitness platform, which turns any stationary bike into an exciting VR adventure in minutes with the addition of sensors and VR exercise applications for stand-alone VR headsets Oculus Go and Oculus Quest. The company's patented technology is said to produce engaging and comfortable experiences while permitting 6DofF in large virtual worlds with minimal locomotion discomfort. Customers report that an hour on VZfit seems to go by in minutes, and over time delivers health benefits ranging from weight loss to increased energy, or as they put it - "gain without the pain." VirZOOM has commercial installs in health clubs and college recreation centers in China, Australia, Turkey, Hong Kong, and the US.
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Total $6.7M
Select investors Netcapital, SeedInvest, Skywood Capital, Equity Resource Investments, Eastham Capital, Fairhaven Capital Partners, GC VR Gaming Tracker Fund

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Last update: February 6, 2020