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Vivid Vision has developed a gamified, VR-based therapy solution for lazy eye sufferers. Designed for all ages, the software can be used to treat amblyopia, strabismus, and vergence disorders; to be used both at home or in the clinic under doctor supervision. Vivid Vision can work on a number of commercial VR headsets, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, with support for Daydream headsets coming soon. Vivid Vision splits the scene into two images — one for the strong eye and one for the weak eye. The software then decreases the signal strength of objects in the strong eye and increases it for the weak eye to make it easier for them to work together. Each week the patient needs a little less help, so the difference between the eyes gets smaller and smaller. With practice, the two eyes learn how to team up and work together. As the patient progresses, the goal is to no longer need any modification of images to combine them and see in depth all the time. Vivid Vision Clinical Vivid Vision Clinical is designed to let eye doctors have absolute control over the treatment. It includes tools to assess and track changes in vision, as well as exercises designed to take advantage of room-scale VR and positional controls. Also included are sports vision training exercises to enhance the vision of athletes. Vivid Vision Home Vivid Vision Home is designed for less complex cases, for patients who can't make it into the clinic as often as they should, and/or as an adjunct/follow-up treatment. It is prescribed by a health care professional.
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Total $2.9M
Select investors Uncork Capital, SOSV, The Venture Reality Fund, Anorak Ventures, Liquid 2 Ventures, IncWell, Mana Ventures, CRCM Ventures
Last update: May 9, 2020