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Formerly known as VRHealth, XRHealth creates medical and wellness applications using VR/AR technology. The company's XRHealth Platform collects and analyzes user interactions with virtual objects and environments by using AI cloud computing algorithms to deliver an enhanced experience and real-time data analytics, for use in clinics and at home. XRHealth is the first certified virtual reality medical company in the world and all of its Medical Applications are FDA authorized. The company's products focus on motor cognitive, physical, psychological, postural ability, and pain assessment and treatment. In January 2019, XRHealth launched what it says is the first telehealth-VR medical platform that includes apps specifically designed for consumers to use at home. Then in February 2020, the company opened the first VR telehealth clinic, initially providing care in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Washington D.C., Delaware, California, New York, and North Carolina.
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Total $34.7M
Last round 🔗 $10M
February 28, 2022.
Select investors Bridges Israel, Flint Capital, 20/20 HealthCare Partners, Plug and Play, MassChallenge, ScaleUp, TiE Boston, Discount Tech, HTC
Last update: March 7, 2022