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Xenex's mission is to save lives and reduce suffering by eliminating the deadly microorganisms that cause hospital acquired infections (HAIs). The company's patented Full Spectrum Pulsed Xenon UV room disinfection system is used for the advanced disinfection of healthcare facilities. Whereas traditional UV disinfection methodologies primarily achieve one type of cellular damage, the LightStrike Pulsed Xenon Full Spectrum UV disinfection Robots leverage the full germicidal UV spectrum, achieving four primary methods of cellular damage. Also, the Xenex LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots do NOT contain toxic mercury. Due to its speed and ease of use, the Xenex system has proven to integrate smoothly into hospital cleaning operations. Since launching in June 2010, the company's devices are now included in infection control protocols in almost four hundred hospitals throughout the U.S.
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Total $86.4M
Select investors Battery Ventures, RK Ventures, Targeted Technology Funds, Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, Malin, Piper Jaffray Merchant Banking
Last update: April 11, 2018