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The program, called "DHbriefs Premium Membership" includes access to several digital health reports that will guide users through this exciting industry.

BTW: "DHbriefs" stands for Digital Health Briefs.

Said reports offer a comprehensive overview of key players, technologies and much more — which will help users get a (better) job in this sector, or perhaps start their own business. In either case, they'll get what we would consider an unfair advantage on the market.

Each of the reports included in this bundle is a product of a few months of intensive work on research and analysis. Before launching this offering, the authors spent more than a decade in health IT which helped them prepare the reports.

Introduction to Digital Health

This report provides a comprehensive overview of digital health technologies and key players you need to know in order to successfully compete (or work) in this market. It also explains the key terms so you could better understand how the market works. Also detailed are the digital health efforts of the Big Tech firms like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.

"Introduction to Digital Health" has over 100 pages and covers more than 70 companies.

It is also available separately for a one-time price of $149.

Senior Care 2.0: Digital Health Technologies Transforming Senior Care

Provides a comprehensive outlook of digital health technologies used to improve the care of the elderly. It also explores solutions seniors could rely on to stay independent for longer. For those who don't know, senior care is a highly lucrative sector considering that baby boomers are retiring as we speak.

The report has 100+ pages and covers 100+ companies.

It is also available separately for a one-time price of $149.

Blockchain in Healthcare: Decentralized Computing Changing the Industry

You may have heard of blockchain. Well, this report will explain all there is to know about this technology and its use in the healthcare setting. It explores different scenarios, solutions and new approaches utilizing blockchain that could have a big impact on healthcare.

The report has over 100 pages with more than 100 companies covered.

It is also available separately for a one-time price of $149.

XR in Healthcare: Immersive Therapy, Education and More

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality (collectively called Extended Reality or XR for short) have just recently started entering the healthcare space, and they are already showing promising results. The technology will be applied to multiple areas, enabling more immersive experiences for both patients and doctors in areas such as surgical education, pain management, recovery, dealing with stress, and more.

XR in Healthcare has well over 200 pages and talks about more than 100 companies.

It is also available separately for a one-time price of $149.

Price of the bundle offer (DHbriefs Premium Membership): $49 plus $19.95 per month

Note that this price is BETTER (lower) than the one we offer on the website. It's a special offer for your audience.