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We also have another program you may want to promote.

The site is called Sustainable Avenue and it offers 50% recurring commission.

The service also includes a 7-day free trial so it should be an easy sell.

Sustainable Avenue is on a mission to help make cities greener and better. To that end, we scatter the Internet to find the best projects that could be implemented in municipalities all over the world.

The site is made for two user groups which you can target in your campaigns:

  • Individuals working at local governments who are looking to copy some of the projects in their own city/town (or perhaps those looking for work for a local government), and
  • Businesses looking to score (local) government contracts by implementing the latest (and greatest) technologies.

Again, the unifying goal behind all projects featured on Sustainable Avenue is to make cities better. Thus, most projects have an eco-friendly twist, which makes for an easier sell.

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