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CorWave is a medical device company developing an implantable heart pump (Left Ventricular Assist Devices, LVADs) based on breakthrough technology, the wave membrane pump. The membrane is able to generate a natural pulse, replicating the blood flow and pressure characteristics of the patient’s native heart. CorWave’s novel membrane pump technology is being developed to reduce …

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TriCares is a medical device company behind Topaz, an innovative device designed specifically to help patients suffering from severe tricuspid regurgitation without the need for open heart surgery. The Topaz device is implanted in a minimally invasive procedure through the patient’s femoral vein. It is designed specifically to fit the tricuspid valve anatomy and thus …

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EarlySight aims to reduce vision loss by enabling efficient detection and better monitoring of eye diseases. The company develops a high-performance eye imaging instrument in the form of a unique ophthalmic camera, empowering doctors to see the first disease impacts. Its technology allows visualizing the morphology of many cells in the retina that are playing …

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