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5 Companies Transforming Remote Monitoring for Seniors

Senior Care / February 24, 2019

Smartphone-connected devices and sensors could help seniors live more independently in their own homes…

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The 5 Companies Looking To Bring Blockchain To Medical Supply Chain Management

Blockchain / November 29, 2018

With the use of blockchain, supply chain management could be decentralized, increasing the trust in the process every step along the way.

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The 10 Most Funded Blockchain Health Tech Companies

Blockchain / November 4, 2018

The funding amounts present an important (and promising) sign for the blockchain health tech sector as it is striving to find its place on the market.

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Blockchain in Healthcare: 11 Sectors That Could Be Improved

Blockchain / October 10, 2018

The healthcare industry is one of the few sectors where blockchain can really prove its worth, adding trust and streamlining processes across the board.

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Senior Care 2.0

Digital Health Technologies Transforming Senior Care

Senior Care 2.0 This report provides a comprehensive overview of digital health technologies used to improve the care of the elderly. It also explores solutions that help seniors stay independent for longer.
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Blockchain in Healthcare

Decentralized Computing Changing the Industry

Senior Care 2.0 The report goes into great depth to explain blockchain technologies that could revolutionize the healthcare industry. It explores different scenarios, solutions, new approaches and more.
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