Startups and established companies shaping up the digital health market in Europe and elsewhere.

Developer of a speech analysis platform based on AI models to early detect diseases
πŸ“ Barcelona, Spain
AgomAb Therapeutics
Developer of growth factor-mimetic agonistic monoclonal antibodies to regenerate damaged tissues
πŸ“ Ghent, Belgium
Provider of AI-powered solutions for mental health professionals and their patients
πŸ“ Barcelona, Spain
Operator of a platform that makes the best medical knowledge accessible and directly applicable in daily practice
πŸ“ Utrecht, Netherlands
Amelia Virtual Care
Developer of an easy-to-use, fast and affordable VR tool for mental health professionals
πŸ“ Barcelona, Spain
Anaconda Biomed
Developer of the next generation of catheters to perform efficient mechanical thrombectomies
πŸ“ Barcelona, Spain
Developer of smart incontinence products and services for the medical, nursing, and healthcare sectors
πŸ“ Berlin, Germany
Developed of a smart device that helps users maintain a better posture while they are sitting
πŸ“ Barcelona, Spain
BeWell Innovations
Developer of connected medical technology for telemonitoring and patient self-testing
πŸ“ Ranst, Belgium
Developer of the world's first platform for zero-knowledge analysis of biological and health data
πŸ“ Copenhagen, Denmark
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