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Ariceum Therapeutics

Ariceum Therapeutics is a clinical-stage radiopharmaceutical company focused on the diagnosis and precision treatment of certain neuroendocrine and other aggressive, hard-to-treat cancers. The name Ariceum is an anagram of “Marie Curie” whose discovery of radium and polonium have been huge contributions to finding treatments for cancer. Ariceum’s lead targeted systemic radiopharmaceutical product, 177Lu-satoreotide tetraxetan (“satoreotide”) …

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The company is developing a targeted radiopharmaceutical cancer treatment called Oncocidia. This innovative treatment involves extending the already successful use of Iodine-131 in treating thyroid cancer to treat solid cancers (primary and metastatic) elsewhere in the body. Iodine-131 is used to label the necrosis avid agent hypericin. Hypericin targets necrosis in a tumor and carries …

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MVision AI

MVision AI provides is a cloud-based software service provider for radiotherapy treatment planning. Its AI-powered automatic segmentation tool helps to standardize contouring and automate segmentation to streamline the radiotherapy treatment planning workflow. MVision’s deep learning model produces consistent contouring in minutes while maintaining the highest standards of quality for every patient, every time. As of …

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