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Aidin is an online marketplace for care transitions. It automates and optimizes routine care transition tasks to make the most of what care managers already do. AidIn helps all parties, including care providers, payors, and patients and families.

Care providers

The solution enables care providers to track patients as they transition across care settings with in and out-of-network partners. Also, it allows them to securely and electronically transmit patient clinical records, while supporting families with live data of providers' referral partners. In addition, AidIn helps providers optimize outcomes by discharging patients to the highest quality, lowest cost partners. Care providers use AidIn to:
  • Receive and compete to win new patients
  • Access and share secured patient records
  • Distribute care transition referrals*
  • Receive payor authorization online*
  • Generate custom Aidin Patient Choice lists*
  • Reserve and share care plans*
  • Capture outcomes for every transition*
* Available to select clients only


Payors also get to track patients across care settings, access up-to-date clinical summaries from care providers, view real-time provider quality and satisfaction with their patients, and authorize services and care providers before patients narrow options. Payors use AidIn to:
  • Receive notice of pending care transitions
  • Authorize approved services and providers
  • Present patients with pre-approved providers*
  • See real-time provider performance*
  • Optimize network with global outcome data*
*Available to select clients only

Patients and families

Finally, patients and families rely on AidIn to optimize their health outcomes using real-time data by knowing their co-pay and insurance status before they go. Also, the solution lets patients choose their healthcare providers. Patients and families use AidIn to:
  • View all approved, available care providers
  • Request information from providers before they choose
  • Choose care using personalized quality, satisfaction and cost data
  • Access their medical history and records

How it works?

With AidIn, case managers open Competition so their partners can compete for every patient referral. They can also put "Quality First" so that patients get to reward high quality providers with their choice. Finally, case managers are provided with real-time monitoring of their care transitions team.
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Funding 💰

Total $620K
Select investors General Catalyst, HLM Venture Partners, Blueprint Health, Band of Angels, Red Swan Ventures
Last update: March 24, 2018