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Alveo is a pre-clinical stage medical diagnostics company that is creating a new ecosystem for the detection of diseases by breaking down the barriers between consumers, patients, donors and conventional healthcare systems. It is applying cutting edge advances in sensing, microfluidics, and bioassays to create the next-generation of disease and personal care diagnostic devices. Alveo's cloud-strengthened product platform enables the creation of vast datasets to help track global infectious disease outbreaks and connect individuals with treatments. The system overcomes the limitations of current diagnostic methods, by condensing all of the necessary steps for infectious detection into a single step process. Said process involves sample preparation, nucleic acid amplification and real-time detection — all performed in a single isothermal microfluidic channel — to enable 100 or more simultaneous tests from a single sample.
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Total $38M
Select investors Maxim Group, Civilization Ventures
Last update: April 27, 2018