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By combining advancements in medical robotics, instrumentation, navigation and data science, Auris Health (formerly called Auris Surgical Robotics) is building a platform technology capable of expanding the applicability of robotics to a spectrum of medical procedures. It is developing targeted, minimally invasive therapies that treat only the diseased cells in order to prevent the progression of a patient's illness. The company's technology uses a patient-specific approach that maintains the integrity of the human body and its organ systems during medical intervention. The platform integrates the latest advancements in robotics, micro-instrumentation, sensing, and data science to achieve these breakthroughs and deliver dramatically improved clinical outcomes for patients.
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Total $513.3M
Select investors Coatue Management, Highland Capital Partners, NaviMed Capital, Lux Capital, Mithril Capital Management, Viking Global Investors, Section 32, Partner Fund Management
Last update: April 21, 2018