Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland
Funding Amount: $24.5M
Select investors: SICPA, Horizons Ventures, FitOne Capital, Ambient Sound Investments
Guardtime is one of the largest providers of enterprise blockchain-based security systems. Its technology uses a Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) to provide large-scale data authentication. The company struck a partnership with the Estonian e-Health Authority in March 2016 to secure over 1 million patient records. The company's offering also includes VaccineGuard, which is a distributed data exchange platform for vaccination campaign management that enables counterfeit and diversion detection, vaccine allocation prioritization, just-in-time stock and supply, pinpoint recall and rapid adverse reaction detection. In addition to healthcare, Guardtime also operates in other sectors — including advertising, defense, government and financial services.
👥 Key people:
  • Bold vision: The cost to the global economy of managing human trust can be measured in the trillions of dollars per year. A whole range of business functions (audit, compliance, cybersecurity, inspection, certification) exist that try to narrow the uncertainty associated with trusting others. However, they fail, with rising cost. Guardtime's vision is a world where these functions no longer exist as they are cryptographically encoded into the design of applications.
  • Real-world blockchain use: Applications using Guardtime's HSX API platform have already been deployed by the Estonian E-Health Foundation, China's PuTian Hospital Group, UK NHS, Roche and 10 of the world's largest life science companies.
  • Impressive clients & partners: Although it's a relatively young company, Guardtime has managed to attract rather impressive clients and partners, including a few governments and some of the world's largest corporations.
Last update: August 14, 2022