Hypertrust X-Chain Parent: CAMELOT Consulting Group,

Headquarters: Munich, Germany
Category: Supply Chain Management
German company CAMELOT developed Hypertrust X-Chain, a patient-centered blockchain solution for pharma and healthcare to ensure the highest level of security for the storage and sharing of patient data for autologous extracorporeal cell treatment. The system's closed-loop supply chain approach removes mistakes throughout the process: from collecting the cells, processing them, transporting them between the stakeholders, and returning the "right cells" to the "right patients." It also makes the relevant patient data available to the stakeholders authorized for the therapy process on the basis of blockchain technology by means of decentralized data storage. In addition, Hypertrust X-Chain enables the flexible integration of partner systems, real-time temperature, location and quality controls as well as security guarantees of origin.
👥 Key people:
  • Solid management: Andreas Göbel (managing director) has spent more than 15 years in different roles at SAP, while Andreas Gmür (head of strategy) has been advising pharma organizations in supply chain management and logistics. 🔗
  • Modular solution: Hypertrust X-Chain includes different modules which are configurable and scalable to support supply chain needs of different stakeholders. Large pharmaceutical enterprises with an established supply chain infrastructure can leverage Hypertrust X-Chain as a complementary full-service mix-and-match supply chain management solution for Advanced & Personalized Therapies. To small and mid-sized biotech/pharma companies, Hypertrust X-Chain delivers an end-to-end solution out of one hand. It supports central manufacturing, decentralized manufacturing models or even a mixed setup. 🔗
  • Partner network: Even though it's a relatively small startup, Hypertrust (and its parent company CAMELOT Consulting) has managed to score a few big names to test out its blockchain platform.
  • Helps make better therapies: While blockchain holds many promises, only a few companies have managed to make the technology work. Hypertrust is one of those few companies and it's looking to improve transparency in personalized cancer therapies and clinical trials.
Last update: August 14, 2022